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The links below lead to .pdf copies of the chapters of a book on violin making that I am writing. I will be adding more as each reaches a presentable state, if current permissions do not get misused.

These are incomplete, partially-edited versions, mostly without drawings and photos that will be added later. Nevertheless, they are covered by copyright. You may take one copy for yourself, and you may refer others to these pages. No commercial use, commercial printing, or posting of them or substantial parts of them in other locations on the internet or in any other form will be tolerated.

As I update individual chapters, I will be changing the upload dates to reflect that; check back to make sure you have the latest version, and to look for additions.

--Michael Darnton


1. Workspace
2. Model
3. Templates and the Form
3.x Derivation of the Stradivari Corner Block -new, 10/8/12
3.x Laser Scanning the Arch -new, 10/17/16
4. Wood
5. Tools and Sharpening
6. Ribs
7. Joining the Top and Back
8. Outline and Purfling
9. Arching and Graduation
10. Bassbar and F-holes
11. Edgework and Body Assembly
11.x A Short Presentation on Edgework -new, 10/8/12, very large file!
12. Head and Neck
13. Setting the Neck -new, 7/8/12
14. [Varnish chapter currently under revision, 7/7/12]
15. Setup
16. Adjustment
16.x Understanding Tone -new, 10/20/12
17. Violin Photography
18. Moving Forward

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